Weekend Recap

We were suppose to have another installment of our Dinner Club night on Saturday but it was postponed because Lucy wasn’t feeling so hot 😦  Of course Facebook hates me and didn’t notify me to the changes to the event.  I use to get updates sent to my inbox but for some reason, it stopped working and I have no way of changing it.

So before I could find out the dinner was cancelled, I had already made my contribution to bacon night:

That would be Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate Ganache & Candied Bacon from How Sweet It Is.

So Saturday at 11am, I found myself with 12 cupcakes and nowhere to go.  I promptly decided to do the most sensible thing I could think of and unloaded them on some unsuspecting former coworkers at Crate 🙂 They LOVED them!  And totally didn’t bat an eye at the thought of bacon on a cupcake versus my current coworkers at the library were cringing at the thought when I mentioned I was going to be making those cupcakes, hence no cupcakes for them 😛

And I cleaned all the things, and did many errands and baked cookies for Wednesday…which I’ll tell you about later…and yeah.

How was YOUR weekend?

P.S. The leftover white chocolate ganache makes for an incredible flavoring for coffee! I stirred a spoonful in my morning coffee on Saturday and Sunday and man oh man! DELICIOUS


7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Jessica

    I would have gladly taken them off your hands, as you well know. Kevin can be on the boo-bacon team with the library losers. 😉

    No offense – of course. Lol

  2. Emily B

    As I said over the weekend, I GUESS I could force myself to eat that. I mean, I would hate every minute of it, but I’d do it. For you. Because, you know, I’m a good friend.

  3. Dancy

    That looks awesome although I’ll admit I’d have to try it first

    Don’t listen to me though – I’m one of those crazy people: If I’m eating pancakes & sausage or bacon for b’fast I usually keep em separate but if any of the syrup gets on the bacon, I won’t eat it. I swap it out for 1 of D’s. LOL I’m not a fan of sweet meats (heh heh)


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