Tied Down

Wedding Update Post:

Our engaversary was Saturday and I didn’t realize it had passed until I was reading Kelly‘s post on her first wedding anniversary, Oops! Well, it’s okay because we still have ANOTHER one before we get married, and hey, maybe we’ll be in the same state when that happens 😛

Now speaking of weddings, you know those goofy details that don’t mean anything to anyone but you, but daggone you want them in the wedding?! Yeah…so recently I got into my head that Ale needs to wear a turtle tie.  Do you know how hard it is to find a necktie with turtles on it?! More so, an AFFORDABLE turtle necktie.  For awhile, the only ones I could find were SUPER expensive ones from one of the biggest names in fashion, Salvatore Ferragamo

Yeah, those cuties are only $160!!!…NEXT

Later I found some at Vineyard Vines

Once again, nice, less than adorable price tag: $75

The only thing I could find on Etsy was little tie:

And when I say “little,” I mean it, it’s for a child. Ugh.  But THEN! I FOUND IT!:

Lands’ End! Don’t you just love that navy one??! Embroidered AND reasonably priced! I thought, I’ll just wait till I get a 30% off coupon before I buy it and wouldn’t it know, I found the discount on their website today…but no tie! The navy one is sold out with no sign of coming back (I know because I contacted customer service :()


But like I said, at least I have another YEAR before the wedding so maybe I can still find SOMETHING (turtle tie pin?)



4 thoughts on “Tied Down

  1. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    Oh I get so sad when you find something perfect for your wedding and they sell out…you do have plenty of time though and I’m sure something will come up!

    I loved those Lands End ones much more than the others too 😦

  2. Steph

    Long engagements do have their positives.. tons of time to find those little details!! The turtles are too cute. Keep looking (and I”ll try too)!!

    And FYI.. again, TG for long engagements because there are tons more turquoise shoe options out there now that it’s spring! Huzah!!

  3. Dancy

    Might sound far fetched, but how about looking for fabric & then having a tie made? Can’t cost all that much can it?? Hmm, might have to look into it for you 🙂


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