Weekend Recap

Wishing Em & Steve a wonderful honeymoon in Turks & Caicos!

They got married this past Saturday and had the reception at the gorgeous Glenview Mansion.

It was so much fun, and everything was just lovely.  It’s so true what they say, you become a better wedding guest when you plan a wedding because you know everything little detail was a conscious choice.

I love weddings 😀

On that note, I managed to keep my heels on all night so I think that earns me a big girl badge and a pat on the back.  I also practiced not ruining my makeup with tears of joy during the ceremony. I dislike getting all mushy, makes me feel like a complete goober. And what with all this wedding nonsense, I fear I may be a mascara running mess for my own nuptials, blech, haha.  Only time will tell I guess!

What’d you do this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Emily B

    Ha! So at first I was like “Um, I didn’t get married this weekend…but I was IN a wedding this weekend…but no one I know is named Steve…but the couple whose wedding I was in is going to Turks and Caicos…but I’m so confused.”

    Right. Anyway, YAY Glenview Mansion. So pretty 🙂 Also, yay for staying in heels all night long! One of these days I’ll do a post about what happened to my feet on my wedding night and the days following. It’s…bad.

  2. Steph

    Um hi. I cry EVERY TIME at Pam and Jim’s wedding on the office. I’m going to a complete, utter mess on my wedding day. Can we say airbrush makeup?! Yes.

    Her dress is beautiful, btw!

  3. lifewithacrazypup

    What a beautiful location!! I’m definitely crying on my wedding day. Sometimes I tear up just thinking about it! AHHH — I can’t believe it’s here in just about a month!

    Definitely deserves a GIANT pat on the back! I already bought fun dancing shoes so I can ditch my heals immediately after dinner 🙂

  4. Dancy

    Yay weddings – Pretty venue!
    I’m pretty good at leaving heels on – it might be 13yrs of pointe shoes, but I think it’s cuz I learned the hard way that taking heels off is worse than leaving them on. Sometimes I can’t bring myself to put them back on once they’re off.
    I was never a “crier” at weddings until I got engaged. Weird right?


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