Way Back When

So a few weeks ago, some blog peeps that vlog on Fridays had an interesting prompt that I wanted to do, “How do you compare to your high school aspirations of yourself,” er something like that.

Well let’s see, high school self never imagined I’d be in grad school.  Shoot, I didn’t know I was going to go to grad school until a year after I finished undergrad.  And to go to library school of all things? NEVER saw that coming.  I distinctly remember scoffing at a girl who mentioned that her dad was a librarian.  I was like, say what? Like people CHOOSE to be librarians? ( I just imagined stern, grumpy old ladies just grew in libraries like a crop, haha)

When I was a kid, I went through phases. I wanted to be an editor of a publishing company or newspaper (mind you, I’ve never worked on a newspaper or yearbook or ANYTHING related to the field.)  Then for a while, I wanted to be a children’s book author.  One of my ideas was, Pete the Penguin Goes to Paris, and it’d be a series full of critters taking trips to foreign countries and titles bursting with alliteration.

The only thing that is “on track,” is that I always imagined I’d be getting married around 27-28.  Did I picture it’d be to a dude like Ale? Oh hecks no, haha. I was totally into Abercrombie poster boys back in the day.  When I met Ale, I thought, whoa, you’re so not my type but I’m beyond intrigued (I’ll get into that story later in the month, I promise) .

So yeah. That’s my story. Here’s to hoping you have a great week 😀

Is there a vast difference between you of way back when and you now?

4 thoughts on “Way Back When

  1. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    Oh wow. This IS an interesting prompt. In high school I thought I had all the answers about my future. Ha! Nothing turned out like I thought, but that’s the beauty of it 🙂

    p.s. Librarians are cool. No lie: in high school, my friends and I all hung out in the library after lunch. We’d play card games and do our homework. Pretty soon, others started joining us and the library became THE place to hang out. Oh I miss it!

  2. Andrea @ CanYouStayForDinner.com

    Wow, such an interesting thing to think about. Hmm…I think I’m doing a MUCH different thing now that I thought I would at 16, 17, 18. In fact, I think my life is much different than the one I even imagined at the end of college. But either way, it’s a really really beautiful path and I’m happy to have taken it 🙂

    And I, for one, love librarians 🙂

  3. Steph

    I’m actually impressed at the people who ‘knew’ what they wanted to be/do back in high school, then actually did it. I think it’s so rare to find that nowadays!!

    And I love the you’re a librarian. You’re the only one I know who is and who went/is going to school for it, and I think it’s awesome 🙂

  4. Jessica

    You should still write books! I love the idea of the critters going to different countries!

    You are the coolest librarian on the block, FYI. ❤


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