Fun & Fabulous Find

Right, about that wedding I was planning…

I recently booked a vendor I was SUPER PSYCHED about.  Whichever could it be??

Well, I found her by total (read:happy) accident.  I was on the ‘bee when I was reading an entry about videography and I clicked onto the featured videographer’s blog.  On the blog, she featured some behind the scenes footage of a photographer during an engagement photo shoot.  The video was adorable and peaked my interest enough to continue onto the photographer’s site.…goodness! I found myself gleefully clicking through each gallery and every blog post I could manage until my eyes gave into fatigue and I finally went to sleep. I…loved…EVERYTHING! The beautiful saturation of colors! The cool and casual and yet well thought out and wonderfully executed compositions.  It was all just so fantastic! Everyone I showed the website and blog to were just as impressed as I was.

So I contacted her, and she agreed to be our wedding photographer! I am OVER THE MOON about it (in case you couldn’t tell.)  :::does happy dance and squeals:::

And now dear friends, without further ado, my photographer is…

Natalie Franke! Check out her website and blog!  Go! Soak in the awesomeness!


8 thoughts on “Fun & Fabulous Find

  1. Cait

    HURRAY! ITS BEAUTIFUL GIRL 🙂 ahh so excited for your wedding! xo you’ll be beautiful as always! have a great wednesday my dear!

  2. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    Her photos are incredible! I love the colors and how crisp they are.

    I also checked out here boudoir photos – wow! They are super classy and romantic. Brandon has casually mentioned them…ain’t happening 😉

  3. Dancy

    Wow, her pictures are great – the colors are so vivid. I’m totally jealous. I hated our photographers. Our 1st pic was booked, & our 2nd & 3rd were out of our $$ range.

  4. Steph

    Hooray for finding a photog! I never came across her in my search.. how can that be?! Either way.. her work is seriously amazing!!

  5. Natalie

    I am so excited to be your photographer! I can’t wait to get to know you better & capture your amazing personality in each one of your photos! 🙂 Can’t believe I just noticed this post! You are so sweet!


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