Unicorn Dreams

I’ve been engaged for a little over a year and I still have a little over a year left before the actual day. How much have I lost, whether it be inches or pounds?…(crickets)…

Right. So seriously, it’s go-time! It’s time to put words into action and get S E R I O U S! ( I know, I know, famous last words)

For a month before Ale got home, I was doing great with working out. However, the past two weeks I’ve been downright horrible about my diet & fitness regime. But as of Sunday, I’ve decided no more excuses: I’m wearing my pedometer, I’m drinking my water, I’m walking at least 30min a day, I’m lifting weights ever other day, I’m making great, balanced lunches and in May, I’m going to use my LivingSocial gift certificate for 1 month of bootcamp.

Come hell or high water, I AM going to be the flippin’ unicorn! (munches almonds with great fervor)

13 thoughts on “Unicorn Dreams

  1. Marissa

    I was the same exact way. Try adding 3 lb free weights to your 30 minute walk. I added 3 lb weights when Mr and I walked the dogs or if I did the elliptical at the gym. Over time you’ll see a difference, promise πŸ™‚

  2. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    You’ve got this! Once you start seeing/feeling positive changes, that’ll be the motivation you need to keep going!

    Whenever my motivation falls, I think about my honeymoon and its gets up and going.

  3. Dancy

    You can totally do it. I lost 15lbs in the 2 months before my wedding just by eating right & actually going to the gym (45m on the elliptical) 3x’s a week. I mean, I’ve gained like 25lbs since, then, but… you’ll rock it girl!! πŸ™‚

  4. Steph

    I love that picture, hah!!

    You can do it, lady. Plus.. you have a whole year. No crash dieting or working out like a fiend.. you have time to get all sassy unicorn like :))


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