A Tale of Two Tarts

Hey there kids. Sorry for not being a good blogger as of late but that last two weeks of school really kicked my keister. But I’m back (until summer school holds my soul hostage for 6wks with classes four nights a week)!

So many of you know the wonders of Pinterest and it’s just a ginormous bulletin board of inspiration (P.S. If you would like an invite to it, lemme know and I’ll hook you up). Two weekends ago, I killed two birds with one stone and not only made something I found on Pinterest, but I finally broke in the tart pan my pal Lucy bought me for Christmas.  I made a white chocolate raspberry tart for the mother’s day dinner we had with Ale’s family on Saturday night:

And a lemon custard fruit tart for the mother’s day dinner at my parents’ house:

Other than being a little tedious due to the shortbread tart shell needing to be chilled twice prior to baking, it is relatively simple to make! The shells were made from PastryPal’s recipe and the custard for the second tart was adapted from a recipe found on myrecipes.com for pastry cream with the addition of lemon extract.

Needless to say, both desserts were well received 😀 So I definitely suggest going forth and conquering tart shell making for yourself because it’s too easy for the great presentation it has!


5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Tarts

  1. Dancy

    Ummm, that raspberry thing looks bangin. I must try it. I’m thinkin’ about joining Pinterest – promise you won’t get sick of pics of too many budget kitchens? LOL


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