Blogfest 2011

This past Friday night I did something I usually don’t do: I went out for a night in D.C.. What would cause for a homebody like me to venture out of my suburban cocoon? A blog meet-up with all my awesome Twitter/blog friends from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) with one special guest in town from Chicago!

That would be Emily, Claire, Anni, Stephanie, Megan, me & Jessica (picture courtesy of/stolen from Emily)

Most of us had never met in person before but that certainly does not mean we didn’t “know” each other. In fact, I talk to these lovely ladies almost everyday! They are such a great group of gals! We had sooo much fun! We met up at Cafe Green followed by trip to The Front Page to get our dance on! It was just a great night overall, full of plenty of goofy faces, giggling, and great one liners!

Isn’t it cool how you can connect with people online and develop such great friendships that when you meet in person, you don’t skip a beat and continue the conversation like you’ve known one another for YEARS?

Thank you girls for such a fun night! Can’t wait for the next one!


8 thoughts on “Blogfest 2011

  1. Mrs. JYW

    LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. i love your opening line M – “this past friday i did something i usually don’t do…” LOL i’m such a homebody too.


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