Engagement Photo Tips

How to ensure a successful engagement shoot that will result in pictures you will love:

First, get your grizzly adams of a boyfriend to get a haircut:

Secondly, avoid doing “blue steel” because you both fail at it since you are neither brooding, angsty teens nor are you beautiful people modeling in a catalog: (Proof of such failings via pictures circa 2006. Check out Ale’s blowout, such a guido moment)

Also, wear deep, rich colors in complementary tones so that you both stand out and not clash with one another:

Otherwise, if you both wear similar colors, you run the risk of looking like a two headed monster:

Lastly, avoid looking like other people. If you do not typically trot around forests in full club gear and/or makeup, don’t do it for your engagement pictures. One day you are going to get old; avoid giving yourself reasons to make fun of your younger self. Remember, you were already a teen, leave the cringe worthy photo ops in the past (Awkward Family Photos, anyone?). If you typically don’t wear a certain style, or frequent particular scenes/settings, it’s going to show in your pictures. Stop trying to impress other people. Just be a clean, good looking version of you (Direct quote from Ags)

And that’s all I got. Any tips or gripes you want to share about engagement pictures?

P.S. A lot of these ideas stem from Ags point of view on e-pics & picture taking in general (Gotta give credit where it’s due right ;))

9 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Tips

  1. Anni

    I love you. That just needs to be said. “If you do not typically trot around forests in full club gear and/or makeup, don’t do it for your engagement pictures” needs to be inscribed somewhere.

  2. Hannah

    Sorry. All I got out of that post was “Orange and Blue are complimentary colors and are absolutely gorgeous together.” Which is stellar information. 😉

  3. Dancy

    Aww, I loved those monsters though. Remember the words they used to read out?


  4. Steph

    What Ale needs again is the guido look with the blue steel. #winningcombination 😉
    Super tips 🙂 And I’m impressed you got him to cut the hairs!

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