Check it out in it’s full size

For the past year, I’ve been collecting links to free fonts because, come on, seriously, who doesn’t like awesome things FREE of cost? I figured you guys might appreciate the fruits of my labor:

A list of free front from Elm Software (PC Compatible only)

Anything by Måns Grebäck is amazing and here are some of my favs:

Also, as I’m sure you know, there’s loads of awesome fonts at

And here’s another great source, Myfonts, and a collection called Larabie (tons of various fonts)

Can’t you see using Primer Apples for some cute embroidery loop art?

Hopefully you find something you like! You can discover more fun finds by searching #fontfriday on Twitter.

Have a good weekend friends!


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Steph

    Oh how I love fonts!! Well, free fonts anyway 😉 I agree with Jessica, love the calligraphy ones, especially. Is part of the love for the fonts wedding-related, perhaps?!


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