Yep…sounds about right. HAHAHA

Have a good Fourth of July weekend! Have fun for me!


7 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Layla

    I SERIOUSLY dealt with a few of these this week! My GPS did indeed make me go through the ghetto and I ALWAYS get irritated when I accidentally open iTunes and have to wait for it to open and stop loading my genius results, lmao!!

  2. Dancy

    LMAO – This is awesome. I love that the pic looks like Dawson too. Oh & GPS def. needs a “no ghetto” option.

  3. Hannah

    A little bit of perspective goes a LONG way. Ha. I can’t believe I’ve actually been upset with many of these things…

    Sent it to my friend in Kolkata, I think it’ll give her a good laugh.


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