Kudos to KS

By now, you should know I’m pretty much OBSESSED with turtles. If not, let me fill you in, “Hi, my name is Maria and I collect turtles like it’s my j-o-b.” Therefore, I want to have a little fun with my signature trademark at my wedding by hiding turtles E V E R Y W H E R E. I like to think of it as a fun scavenger hunt: See if you can spot the turtle! It would be reminiscent of when you were a kid and did the “Hidden Pictures” in your Highlights magazine (anyone else read that as a child?)

Last week, my lovely tweep K sent me a link to these gorgeous, beautiful, sparkly gold turtle earrings from Kate Spade:

Not only were these darling studs on sale (with an added 25% off the sale price which is still going on btw!),Β  I was happy to see that Kate Spade offers free shipping on everything! Makes my heart and bank account happy!

Of course, last Tuesday, like a total spaz stressed out about her last week of summer school, I left my ENTIRE PURSE wallet at home and had to wait till I got home from class at 9:30p to order them, d’oh! Well imagine my surprise on Friday morning as I sorted through office mail to find my earrings had arrived! Talk about fast delivery! Check out the pretty packaging:

So kudos to KS and Kate Spade for putting a smile on my face and helping me achieve my goofy wedding goals!

P.S. This turtle thing wasn’t originally my idea. People would randomly tease me if I was having a turtle theme or what have you, so finally I decided to cave and not just do a couple of turtle touches (i.e. cake toppers) but REALLY GO FOR IT, as if to say “You want turtles?! I’ll show you turtles!!!” Moral of the story: I don’t take teasing very well.

6 thoughts on “Kudos to KS

  1. Dancy

    That… is the coolest thing ever. You should have a prize for whoever finds the most at the end of the night! πŸ™‚ So cool!


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