Instead of a fun witticism, today I’m going to share the things that have made me smile in the past week in the hopes you might enjoy them too!

First up: Steady Sticks! I have been wanting a set of these ever since I worked at C&B (long, long time ago) but couldn’t bring myself to buy a set of two wine holders AND wine bottle holder, even with my employee discount. Fast forward almost four years later: Ags sent me a link that announced these suckers were on sale at Williams Sonoma for only $7.50! ALL THREE PIECES TOGETHER! (I found tons at my local store, which is your only option right since they’re sold out online)

They’re great for picnics and wine festivals or beach trips! It also would make a cute hostess gift, accompanied with a nice bottle of wine.

Also, while you’re at WS, I highly suggest you pick up some Beach Cruiser Cocktail Mix:

For only $5.99, you get a delicious blend of “grapefruit, pineapple and passion fruit juices with a touch of lime and sweet cherry.” Add some rum, mix together in a shaker with ice and voila! You are transported to somewhere nice, hot, and tropical with just one sip, mmmmm.

AND if you aren’t much of a rum fan, don’t fret! Run, do not walk, to your nearest Target and pick up some La Croix sparkling coconut water to create a Beach Cruiser mocktail:

I was reading Eating Bird Food when Brittany mentioned that this new flavor is only found at Target. I don’t know about you but I love coconut! To me, coconut flavored and scented things just scream summer to me. P.S. Here’s a coupon you can print from La Croix’s Facebook page, saving you 55 cents. You’re welcome.

So yeah. Those are my newest favorite acquisitions. You best believe I will be enjoying the last two this evening (like I have every other night this week)! Yay for summer things and more importantly, mid-summer sales 😀

Happy Friday friends!


9 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. MK

    Do you drink coconut water? I usually love most things coconut, but I cannot for the life of me get down coconut water…but it’s sooo good for you! I saw the La Croix coconut flav at Target, I’ll have to try it!

  2. Morgan

    Mmm, that Beach Cruiser mix sounds so good! I would definitely drink it with rum though, because I’m not a fan of coconut drinks for some reason, although I like it in candy!

    Happy Friday!

  3. haniemarie

    Coupon. Love that you linked us to a coupon. I knew I loved you so.

    Damn the small city we live in. No Williams Sonoma for miles upon miles. Anyone want to pick up one of these for me? I’ll pay for the shipping!

  4. dancy

    $7.50? That’s gotta be the cheapest thing ever from WS, no? LOL That is a really cool idea though, esp. for a beach or for someone who just bought a place & has a backyard, etc.

    I’m interested in that coconut water now too – stuff like that always tastes like suntan lotion to me though.

  5. Mrs. JYW

    You know what makes me smile?! The fact that I have 30 minutes of downtime at work to finally read my friends’ blogs and leave notes/comments. Love that wine carrier set for picnics, Lord knows I’m always spilling everything, even when it’s on even ground let alone on grass 😛

    Have a great weekend M! Been missin you xoxo


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