Wedding Wednesday: The Foods

A few weeks ago, I did a tasting with my friend Emily who works for a fabulous catering company. Emily has always teased us on Twitter by telling us all how amazing the food is where she works. Well hunny, lemme tell ya, she ain’t lying!

**Please note I’m a total blogger failure and didn’t bring my cool camera, but upon Emily’s encouragement, I snapped some pics with my phone **

Of course, we started with appetizers. The presentation was snazzy and the goods were DELICIOIUS (shrimp cocktail, coconut shrimp, chicken satays, beef satays, mini quesadillas, brie & fruit phyllo cups, mini beef wellington):

Now before you go on thinking I’m a heathen that’s never seen food before in my life, most of that damage was done by Ale, I swear! Em can attest to it! He was lading the pesto out with a butter knife….yeah, he’s special, I know.

After Ale finished demolishing the appetizer plate, we tried the salads. The presentation, again, phenomenal! I loved how they bundle up the leaves and make it look so pretty! I didn’t want to destroy it (but I did ;)).ย  Check out the salad in the background, it’s a Cesar salad with the romaine encircled by a crouton ring!

Finally, we dined on the main course. We had chicken marsala and a gigantic crab cake that had enormous chunks of crab meat throughout:

Needless to say, we were STUFFED! But we still managed to gobble up some chocolate covered strawberries at the end and then proceeded to waddle out.

As you can imagine, that was the easiest and most delicious decision to make regarding wedding planning! Thanks again Emily!

7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: The Foods

  1. Steph

    Oh yum!! Part of me wishes our venue didn’t come with catering included so I could do tastings, esp with Em’s company.. I keep hearing awesome things! Omg NOM.


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