It’s Friday! Thank heavens! My hot weekend plans include completing week 3 of c25k, which brings me to my first recommendation of the day: check out Suz’s playlists. If you like hip hop, pop, & 80s, (and free things) I suggest you take a listen. As for the c25k program itself, I’m definitely liking it, it provides me structure which I desperately need to succeed. When left to my own devices for workouts, I tend to skip them so this most certainly helpful for me. I’m going to be the unicorn, daggone it!

In other news, guess who booked a dj for the wedding last night?! We met with this cool chick who dj’d at my work’s holiday party last year and I totally dug her vibe. She’s super cool in person and likes the style we are leaning towards (no classical music at this shindig!) We are stoked to be working with her! Hooray for awesome good times at the wedding! Now if I could only put fourth such enthusiasm towards finding an officiant…

And lastly, look up Pony and A Take Over the World (as recommended by Ags). It’s a tumblr created by an ESL teacher who gives one of her students hilarious pictures to caption and the results are pretty wild. Enjoy!

Have a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Maria

    Love that you jive with your DJ. A great DJ/musician is the key to a fun reception! Doesn’t it feel good to get things checked off the list?


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