Weekend Recap

Guess what I did this weekend??

That’s right! I found me a wedding dress!! And I supported a wonderful charity at the same time! While lurking about the Weddingbee boards, I found a forum about a bridal shop in Lynchburg, Virginia (read: 4hrs away from me) that gets donations (samples, discontinued & overstock) from big name bridal stores and sells them at amazing prices. The proceeds are then used to help women & children from domestic violence. Talk about a win-win situation! Not only did I get my dress for a steal, I was able to support a wonderful cause!  Read more about it from the fabulous chica who posted it on the ‘bee, Small and Chic in Cville. And while I would love to show you the dress, I can’t risk the boy seeing it, sorry kids 😦

BUT a wedding dress wasn’t my only find in Lynchburg. If you recall my last visit to Lynchburg, there is a J.Crew clearance center down there that must be checked out!  During this trip, I bought a beautiful tan leather handbag with a retail value of $188 for only $50!

Ain’t it purdy? It’s my first “grown-up” purse. Typically my purse purchases involve teeny tiny handbags or colorful cotton totes. I had been looking for something big, classy and versatile for awhile and low and behold, Lynchburg had my answer! Seriously, I have big puffy heart love for that town! Hope you had as good as a weekend as I did!!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Cait

    omg pretty girl i love it 😉 how fabulous are you for helping out a great cause, finding the dream dress AND having your very own stunning jcrew bag! can i have your life?! hehe. xoxo

  2. Maria

    Congrats on the wedding dress find! So exciting! I cannot wait to see it and you in it 🙂

    Umm, J.Crew clearance center? I totally need to get my butt back in VA ASAP.

  3. Dancy

    YAY for finding a wedding dress. Do I spy little buttons all down the back? Awesome that you got it at a discount AND the $ goes to a good cause – what a great idea!!

  4. Jessica

    I’m so excited for you my BFF!!! I really need to get my crap together at work so we can gchat soon. Hopefully tomorrow? Because I miss you and am totally jealous of that gorgeous handbag.


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