What’s Up

Oh hey there. Long time no see. No baking, no cooking, no fun times, no NOTHING, that’s what’s up. I’m seriously the lamest person I know lately and I apologize for my lack of blogging. I wish I had something cool and interesting to share with you but I got nada!

Oh wait, there was that earthquake that ripped through DC on Tuesday! That made for an interesting afternoon! I’ve never been through an earthquake seeing as I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life! It was a little nerve wracking to say the least.

My coworker who sits across from me and I turned to face one another as there was quite a stir in the office! At first we thought a huge truck had rolled by or the AC unit had kicked in (it can be all loud and rumbly sometimes) but then the building REALLY started to shake and we panicked and ducked under our desk (which is what you’re SUPPOSE TO DO) but instead we were told to evacuate the building. When I couldn’t get a text message or phone call out to anyone, I turned to the next best thing, Twitter! I had all the most to date information while people were just beginning trying to think up sites to check on their mobile devices. I was telling my coworkers, “SEE! Now you know why I’m addicted to Twitter! So useful and helpful!” They were like, “ya, okay Maria.” WHATEVER. I was IN THE KNOW.

Then after 30min or so, we were told to go back inside. An hour and a half later, the fire alarm went off and we were told to exit AGAIN. At that point, I said, TO HELL WITH THIS SH*T, and went home.

On a totally unrelated note, come see the few aesthetic changes I’ve made to the blog! They are totally minor and I know I have to fix the background, but at least it looks a little more cheery and friendly right? Let me know what ya think!

9 thoughts on “What’s Up

  1. Mrs. JYW

    I’m so happy that the earthquake was too chaotic. Though I heard the metro was a mess. Love the new background, trying to update mine too… I’m just too lazy. busy. or both. 🙂 Miss you M

  2. Maria

    I love it the new design. I think it’s cheery, cozy, and welcoming 🙂

    I’ve lived in CA for 4 years and still have no witnessed an earthquake where the building was actually shaking…though I think that’s because our buildings are built for them? Anyways, it meant you got to go home early, so that’s all that counts.

  3. Morgan

    I like the new blog look, it is so cheery!

    I wish I could have quit work early for the afternoon after the earthquake, but since I work for a west coast company, I knew it wouldn’t fly. In California, when we’d have an earthquake in the office, we would just turn to each other and be all like “was that an earthquake?” Then we would shrug and go back to work. West coasters are so jaded about earthquakes, myself included!

  4. Jessica T

    Love the new blog look! 🙂
    Dude, I have never experienced an earthquake before and call me crazy but it was kinda cool. Not that I think earthquakes are cool… but I can now say I experienced one!

  5. Steph

    Love the changes so far 🙂 Nuts about the earthquake, right?! I just told my client on the table that it was “an extra massage enhancement.” Bahaha.. or, we’re all gonna die. Whatevs.


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