Hello September!

What I’ve been up to and what I’m doing so far:

From Lands End

I’ve started my last semester of grad school! SO STOKED! In two and a half months, two and a half years worth of effort will be complete! Can’t believe how fast time flies!

From Amazon

My dinner club buds and I continuing our culinary voyage through Food Network hosts and are trying recipes from Marcela Valladolid this month. Can’t wait to grub on some Mexican!


For the past nine weeks, I’ve been doing the couch to 5k running program with the boy. Who says wedding fitness goals are only for girls? Boys need to be held accountable too, gosh darn it! Haha. Anyway, I want to put my effort to the test so I’ve signed up my sister and Ale for a 5k through a pumpkin patch! Hope it doesn’t rain! And that I don’t pass out and actually complete the thing in a decent time!

As far as wedding planning goes…definitely still a work in progress, but nothing to write home about, or blog about, in this case.

I’ve definitely got a busy month ahead of me but I’m looking forward to it! After all, fall is my favorite time of the year!

4 thoughts on “Hello September!

  1. Jessica T

    I love her show, Mexican Made Easy!! I demand pictures (and maybe samples?) haha.

    Congrats on your last semester of grad school my friend, and that 5k! You’re going to rock them both.


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