This weekend’s plan involve a pumpkinpaloozafestextravaganza!

My pal Patrick & I are going to try to OD on pumpkin by eating delicious things like:

Pumpkin dip with gingersnaps and pecan pumpkin butter bars

From Meet the Dubiens

Burning deliciously smelling candles like Bath & Bodyworks’s pumpkin caramel latte:

From Bath & Bodyworks

And most importantly, end with a shot similar to this:

Do you have any fun plans?


4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Jessica T

    Lol, how is it that we wrote such similar posts? Mainly about pumpkin candles… and I’m inviting myself over for pumpkin dip.

    PS, we’re overdue to chat. I miss your face…err, typing…?

  2. dancy9510

    Not really a fan of Harvest Moon, but there’s copious amounts of Sam’s Octoberfest in our fridge. I’m pretty sure Dan would stockpile it if we could. LOL And if you wanna OD on the stuff, you kinda HAVE to make the pumpkin woopie (whoopie??) cookies that Kelly posted back in the day — OMG soooo good!! (


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