Fall Wedding Palette

From Better Homes & Gardens

I love fall. D’uh. If I wasn’t getting married in the spring, I’d obviously plan a fall wedding. But rather than turning to the typical brown and gold color palette, I’d throw in some purples and gray teals into the mix, much like the picture above.

From Colourlovers

I’d love to make some blue pumpkins as part of the tablescapes:

From Stories A-Z (Click image for tutorial)

and strewn a couple of these gorgeous owl lanterns with some ivory pumpkin candles about:

From Pottery Barn

From Pottery Barn

I’d set gold dinnerware against purple linens:

From Pottery Barn


Waddya think?



5 thoughts on “Fall Wedding Palette

  1. Dancy

    I say screw the season & work with the colors you want. If it worries you – maybe use brown less than the others but I really like that color combo too, so I say go for it!! 🙂

  2. Maria

    Love it! I’ve decided that I want to have four weddings a year: one for each season…that is, I want someone else to pay for them and plan them.

    Now that my day is over (phew! It was a great, but its a relief)…I’m totally focusing on how I can help you with planning. I learned so much that I have to share with you!


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