Mud Run

This past Sunday morning, I recruited my sis, Ale, and a friend to do a 5k thru a cornfield on a farm. This would be the first 5k I’d attempt after completing the couch to 5k program.

The weather had been pretty gloomy leading up to the race so the grounds were muddy and slippery and the air was muggy and humid. Not exactly ideal running conditions, but whatevs. Our goal for the day was to finish under 40min.

Once we got underway, one of the first things we passed by was the petting farm! There were honking geese and bleating billy goats encouraging the runners along the way.

Later on, we encountered patches of slippery mud throughout and at one point, there was a pretty terrible hill we had to trek over (twice), making your calves burn like mad.

But once we made it over the hill the second time around, the rest of the course was a piece of cake (or doughnuts in this case, haha)

Despite the swamp-like conditions, my sis and I clocked in at 36:10, beating the boys! (check out my “W” for WINNERS. No I’m not competitve, why do you ask?)

However, the best part of the race was the cider and freshly made cinnamon doughnuts that greeted us at the finish. Afterwards, we made our way to Waffle House to celebrate all of us making the sub 40min goal.

Are you doing any 5ks (or any other race) this fall? I’m already looking for a turkey trot to participate in 😛

7 thoughts on “Mud Run

  1. Maria

    Wow! Killer time!

    Cider and donuts? That would be perhaps the only reason why I’d run another 5K again.

    Actually, I am signed up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and I need to get B signed up as well. *evil laugh*

  2. dancy

    Dayum girl! That actually sounds pretty fun – some of my college friends do a “warrior dash” which is also mud drenched – the messier the better!! 🙂


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