Long time no see…

Yes. I am a terrible blogger. That’s all there is to it, haha. BUT as promised, here are my Save the Dates!! And my FontFriday picks!

First up are my date savers featuring my (and everyone else’s) favorite engagement photo:


All the fonts I used are freely available at fontspace:

I downloaded the fonts & trial version of Photoshop to slap them together and sent the design to Catprint (which I highly recommend by the way: quality was great, reasonably priced and quick turnaround!).

I sized the postcards into 4X6 and stuffed them into plain white envelopes.

I used Champagne & Limousines for the addresses.

What do you think? Not bad for my first wedding related diy project, right?


6 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Wendy {Weswen Design}

    Looks great!! Not bad at all, especially if this is your first attempt πŸ˜‰ I’m totally impressed. I didn’t know you were engaged, that’s SO exciting!! If you need wedding invitation advice, just let me know. BTW, that picture is just awesome, I love it! (I’m excited I get to leave you blog love now!)

  2. Maria

    Adorable! The colors of your photo are bright and fun – really sets the tone for your wedding! I’m obsessed with fonts so I appreciate the thought you put into them πŸ™‚


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