Life Lessons

Things I’ve learned this weekend:

#1 Food makes the best costume ideas:

This costume was only $4, or the cost of a green beanie at Target. I flipped a red t-shirt I had inside-out, drew on it with puffy paint and called it a DAY! Everyone thought it was mega clever, so a total win there!

#2 I never, ever, EVER, ….EVER want to run a marathon:

I had the opportunity to lend my support to my friend Dee running her first marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend.

First of all, let me tell ya, watching a marathon is way more involved than I thought! We ended up walking a whole heckuva a lot to catch Dee throughout the race. Did NOT see that coming, haha. Wearing flat soles wasn’t my best idea. Oh well. At least it was a beautiful day out in DC, as you can see in the pics.

In any case, while we were waiting to meet back up with Dee at the baggage claim area, I peopled watched as all the finishers hobbling around like poor crippled folks. I was wincing FOR them. It was just, no. Looks so painful! I mean I have a mad respect for these people who willing trudge through twenty-six point two miles. Round of applause TO YOU! It’s just not something I ever want to do. I felt that way before the marathon, and seeing the action in person just solidified the sentiment. :::Phew::: Now a half-marathon is a totally different matter entirely, haha.

P.S. Speaking of food costumes and marathons: when I saw all those marathoners wrapped up in those reflective blankets, all I could think was, “those blankets would make awesome Chipotle burrito costumes!” So there ya go marathoners, there’s you’re go to costume for next year. You’re welcome.

How was your weekend? Did life impart any lessons to you? Oh and Happy Halloween!

12 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Jessica T

    Your costume is AWESOME. I showed it to Kevin and he cracked up. I think he might steal your idea next year. πŸ™‚

    I give props to the marathon runners! I could never do it.

  2. KMS

    1) Your costume is AMAZING. Seriously, I’m so impressed.
    2) I totally told my friend Katie to wrap herself in tin foil and go as leftovers. Mind melded!
    3) I tweeted you about this, but my friend ran the Marine Corps Marathon too! So cool that you might have seen him.

  3. Emily

    OMG amaaaaaazing costume!! Seriously. So good. I want to make some kind of inappropriate “I would pour you all over my stir fry” joke but I’m clearly not funny enough to think of something more clever.

    Also, f*ck marathons. No way. Not gonna do it.

  4. Steph C

    LOVE your costume!!! You’re so artistic.. I’m remembering this or when I need to assemble invites, k?
    Also.. I worked the MCM last year massaging in one of the tents and I was in such awe of everyone who ran.. I can’t even imagine. And they all had such amazing stories to tell! Go Dee!!!
    Oh yes, and totally kick butt burrito costumes πŸ˜‰


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