For some, this post will be old news. It’s just a roundup of all the links and information I shared this week on Twitter, inspired by a lively discussion my tweeps and I had about YA (Young Adult) novels and reading in general.

Like YA Lit? Looking to read something of substance? Try reading some Printz Award Winners as selected by Booklist (a publication of the American Library Association). A past award winning author I HIGHLY recommend is John Green. I especially love his first novel, Looking for Alaska.

From ALA

I think it’s a fantastic story that will remind you of how much fun you had and how fragile you felt as a teen. Trust me, I don’t read a lot of books, but when I do, they’re dos equis? Wait, sorry, meant to say qualitative!  I like books that make me say “hmmm” and reflect for a bit after reading them, and this is definitely one of those tales.

MOVING ON! If you were an English major, or got a minor in literature, or worked/work in a bookstore, or are a book snob, you will enjoy this Internet meme! I bring you,…(drum roll please)… the JUDGMENTAL BOOKSELLER OSTRICH:

Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich Tumblr

Oh silly Internet memes, you slay me 🙂

And as always, have a great weekend!


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