Wedding Wednesday

Let’s talk about a fun, carefree aspect of wedding planning, HONEYMOONING!

We are going to… Turks and Caicos!


I am sooooooo stoked!! We’ve already booked an all-inclusive resort with a playstation3 in every room! So when Ale doesn’t want to sit on the beach for hours on end (like I intend to do) he’ll still be a happy camper and therefore everyone wins! I think I deserve the best future wife award for 2012 for that one.

Now all I need is a floppy hat, big obnoxious sunglasses, and this adorable Ralph Lauren beach coverup and I’m ready to go!

from Lord & Tyalor via Polyvore

Dress (see more cotton dresses)

10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Hannah

    This is going to be a blast – you are seriously going to have the best time! I’m so excited!

    And think about how adorable you’re going to be in your bikini after all these 5Ks – girl, you’re not going to need a coverup!

  2. Jessica

    And I can sneak into your suitcase and come with? Although, I will need my own room… not sure I need to be there while Ale plays PS3… or you know… other things (As Em said!) Hahaha 😉

  3. dancy

    You’re thee best new wife for letting him log into PS3 on your honeymoon. LOL You get mad credit for that. T&C is amazing – I went once for work & while I was only there for 18hrs I’ve always wanted to go back – can’t wait to see all your pics!

  4. Morgan

    Sounds like you guys are going to have an amazing honeymoon!

    But I think the resort needs to also put PS3s in the beach cabanas, so your new hubs could play video games while also enjoying the beach with you! 😉

  5. Michelle K

    I’m super jealous! My FSIL vacationed in Turks and Caicos last year and fell in love! She said the water is so clear and snorkeled every day. Unfortunately my own honeymoon will have to wait until our 1 year anniversary.


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