Maria & Ale Buy a Suit

A One Act Play.

Scene 1: The Apartment

M: (popping head into A’s office) Hey you. Get dressed. We’re going to the mall.

A: Okay.

Scene 2: Men’s section of a department store

M & A casually begin looking at charcoal gray suits.

Salesman: Can I help you?

M: Yeah, we’re looking for charcoal gray suits for our wedding in May.

A nods

Salesman: Any particular style you would like? Or would like to stay away from?

M: Yeah, I like dark gray. Not light gray. And I don’t like pinstripe suits. Like, I guess it can be subtle a pattern, but I don’t want a BAM! That’s a pinstripe suit!

Salesman: Hmmm, okay. Gotcha.

Salesman walks around merchandise and picks out 4 suits for A.

A tries on 4 suits.

Meanwhile M tweets and watches the Caps vs Penguins game.

A comes out in last suit. Everyone nods and agrees the fourth suit is the best one.

Salesman takes A’s fittings and rings up suit.

Salesman: So how long have you folks been looking at suits?

M: Um…the last 45min?

Salesman: Oh. (laughs) Glad I could help! Oh and by the way, we are having a sale today so your total is half off the original!


M beams at scoring a bargain.

M & A thank the salesman and walk off.

M: I’m awesome at saving money! And at making picking out wedding things easy!

A: Yeah you are.

M: You’re going to look so handsome! EEEE! Now, onto real business, I want coffee!



7 thoughts on “Maria & Ale Buy a Suit

  1. Jessica T

    Haha, I love that it only took 45 minutes to pick out his suit. Funny how that works… we spend hours looking for our wedding dress yet guys could care less, besides not wanting pinstripes. 😉

  2. Hannah

    We wanted to do suits too and I’m so glad we did. He has been able to reuse his suit 3-4 times for big occasions, plus he got it on some crazy clearance so we were able to save money 🙂

  3. Morgan

    Haha, awesome! So glad it took you guys all of 45 minutes to find a suit. If A is like most guys I know, that’s about the shopping limit amount og time before getting too bored!

  4. Mrs. JYW

    You know I totally just played out your two scenes in my head right? You & A at the shop. (though in my mind it was summer and you guys were in your e-pic outfits)…. LOVE LOVE charcoal gray.


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