Bridal Brain Flipping of the Switch

You know you’ve reached an amazing point in your wedding planning process when just about nothing phases you. You just feel GOOD. We recently hit the 4 month mark and ever since that day, I just feel ready. Prior to that point, whenever people say, “Oh gosh, it’s so soon!,” it would throw me into a frenzy and make me spurt out “NO IT’S NOT! DON’T SAY THAT! I NEED MORE TIME!”

But now, totally different story! Now I’m the one that jumps up and down like a 4-year-old on Christmas exclaiming “It’s soon! It’s soon! WEEEEEE!”

The biggest turn around has been in my sleeping pattern. This past summer while I was doing things like booking an officiant and buying a wedding dress, I’d have bad dreams where I didn’t have a dress or there was no ceremony which meant we weren’t married. These dreams would lead to me waking up in a terrible panic.

However, that is no longer the case! Most recently I had a dream where I hacked off my long hair with a pair of scissors, giving myself an awful, uneven, short mullet-like haircut. As I looked in the mirror, while clutching a hunk of hair, I simply shrugged and said “Meh, we’ll make it work. I’ll go get it cleaned up at a salon and we’ll just make it work. No big deal.”


Anyone else experience the happy-go-lucky cruise control point? Or had hilarious dreams?

2 thoughts on “Bridal Brain Flipping of the Switch

  1. Morgan

    So awesome that you’re in such a good place now! I know I definitely flipped a switch too at some point, and was like “Lets do this thing already!” instead of being worried about not having enough time left.

    And such a funny dream! I bet you could totally pull off the bridal-mullet look if you wanted to though šŸ˜‰

  2. Layla

    I definitely had the hilarious dreams! Like showing up for the wedding and walking down the aisle in my care bear thermals from 3rd grade, lol. Glad you’ve hit cruise control, it’s a nice place to be!


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