Dressing Up The Dudes

You would think for how much I like hearing about other people’s wedding planning process, I’d be a better blogger/sharer of my own…but I’m not 😛

As of this past weekend, everyone in the bridal party is properly outfitted! Like with my wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, and groom’s suit, the men’s suits were picked out in one shot. In fact, this was the easiest decision to date because the group only tried on one suit!

On Sunday, I went to the store with just the groomsmen to pick out a navy suit . The first suit we encountered was navy Ralph Lauren suit with a subtle etched blue plaid pattern. Everyone grabbed a couple of sizes before heading off to the dressing room. As each guy came out, they remarked how comfortable the suit was and as they looked at one another, noticed how it flattered all of them. Best part was that the suit was on sale! You know I love me a good deal!

From Men's Warehouse

While I love the look of light blue collared shirts, I’m thinking white shirts and either light blue or coral ties to match the colors in Ale’s tie:

Personal Photo

Grumble, grumble, damn turtle tie! You remember how long it took me to find that thing??

In any case, I LOVE CROSSING THINGS OFF MY LIST! Only 110 days left! Who’s excited?!

2 thoughts on “Dressing Up The Dudes

  1. Lucy

    Glad suit shopping went well! Love the suit, the picture looks very classy. I’m getting sooo excited for your wedding!!!


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