Wedding Wednesday: With These Rings

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We will be declared husband and wife!

Like everything else in this wedding planning business, picking out rings was a snap. For Ale, we went to the jewelry store one night after work. The salesgirl who was helping us was an absolute doll. Her and I complemented one another on our manicures while Ale hemmed and hawed over rings. Eventually he settled on a simple design with a brushed center and beveled edges (which surprised me because I thought he was going to go for a plain band) but said he needed to think about it before making the decision. The girl said “No problem,” and we walked out.

Before we even reached the car, Ale turned to me and said, “Actually, can I decide now?” to which I responded “Of course! Dude, I want whatever you want. This is YOUR wedding ring.” He then said, “Okay then, let’s go back. Is that weird?” Crazy kid.

So we go back in and the girl says “Ha, that was fast?” And we purchased Ale’s ring and I picked it up the next day.

Picking out my ring was even easier process: I went online to the website Ale bought my e-ring from, picked something and had him order it. DONE AND DONE. It came in yesterday morning at work and I kept sneaking peeks at it all day because I love it so much! So dainty, so sweet!

Now if I could only harness this excitement and energy and finish working on my invites…


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: With These Rings

  1. Layla

    Gorgeous rings!!! Ours was super easy too – Josh just came home with his one day. “I found my ring! Oh, and I bought it!” Haha, crazy guys.


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