Vineyard Recap

Last Saturday I went out to celebrate the end of my bachelorhood with my best girls in Virginia wine country.

We rented a limo and ate bagels and girl scout cookies (breakfast of Champions!) and enjoyed the beautiful landscape along the way.

The weather was great! Well, it was incredibly sunny but a bit chilly which was better than the rainy conditions the forecast called for the week leading up to the event.

We visited three wineries, each with a distinct story and approach to developing wines. Our favorite was Notaviva, which was started by a couple who worked in the music industry so instead of pairing their wines with food, they wanted people to enjoy it a particular musical vibe. A fan favorite was a white called “Verano” which was suppose to be reminiscent of the jazz scene in Miami Beach. It would the perfect base for a refreshing white sangria, that’s for sure!

Another neat tidbit about Notaviva was that the main house was actually the owners’ home. Their bedrooms were in the basement but they actually lived and used the entire space, as seen by the various toys and musical instruments and stuff scattered throughout. In fact, their house was featured on DIY Network’s Dream Home show while it was being built, so that was cool.

After wine tasting all day, we went to dinner at a local restaurant where had the most delicious, crispy and lightly battered chicken tenders EVER. We concluded that tempura battered chicken is where it’s at! And once we all headed home, I’m pretty sure everyone crashed because I know I did! I was in bed by 10 o’clock!

All in all, a very successful and super fun day! I’m so glad everyone could come out and enjoy the day with me πŸ™‚

Oh! And before I forget, the girls got me very sweet honeymoon themed gifts which I will share later this week. I heart my friends πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “Vineyard Recap

  1. Maria

    Girl scout cookies, best friends, wine, and chicken fingers – what could be better than that? Ah, Virginia, even in March, is gorgeous!


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