Two Thoughts

Um…I’m running a half marathon on Saturday. Contrary to popular belief, I hate running but I’m pretty flipping excited. Is that weird?

Also, you need this shirt in your life:

Mossimo Shirt from Target

No, seriously. It is the world’s softest and comfiest tee, and it’s only $8. I wore that blue one to work yesterday and I got so many compliments! Who would have thought? And now I need one in at least four more colors, right? Right.

Now name ONE heart pumping, adrenaline spiking, kick butt cardio song you think I MUST have on my playlist for Saturday, and GO!


9 thoughts on “Two Thoughts

  1. Maria

    Good luck on your half marathon! Can’t wait to hear about it.

    I whole heartedly agree. I have that shirt in green, blue, aqua, orange, gray, white…yeah – obsessed.

  2. Morgan

    Hope your half marathon goes great!

    And that’s a cute shirt, I love the little pocket! Usually a lot of Target Ts are too long on me though. 😦 I wish they made more Ts for short people!

  3. Layla

    I TOTALLY have that shirt in heather pink!! And yes, you’re absolutely right – it rocks! Obviously, you need Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. You NEED it.

    You’ll rock this, sister. ROCK IT!


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