13.1 Miles

So, I did it! I ran thirteen point one miles. I finished in 2:31:47.

I ran the half with one of my oldest friends Jane. We’ve known each other since 8th grade and did track together back in high school so it was awesome to be a “team” again. Jane and I started wayyyyyy in the back, as in there are only 27 corrals and we started in #25. With the staggered starts, we didn’t actually cross the starting line until 8:40 (race started at 8am). Thank you all for providing me great suggestions for my playlist because it helped greatly!

For miles 1-4, I was grooving! It was somewhere around this time that we caught up with the 2:45 pace group. We were like yes! Whatever happens, we can definitely hit our 2:45 goal! During these few miles, the course was flat and it was fun! I was doing so well at this point, I even tweeted a pic:

Of course…then came the hills. Mile 5-8, not my favorites! Around mile 6 I downed a gu I had brought with me. Gu: an energy gel with a consistency just like the name implies, gooey and like a thick, thick syrup. Although it sounds gross, it’s not bad and it does help give you a little boost when you’re feeling depleted.

By mile 7, I was hurting. My feet ached and so did my head as I realized I was clenching my teeth the whole time (awful habit). Essentially, this was NOTHING like my long runs at home! I think it was due to two things: I was running in some caliente conditions (74’F) whereas I only trained in 35-45’F weather and I was running on uneven and hot asphalt whereas I had trained on smooth, white sidewalks or on the treadmill.

The feeling of misery dissipated some around mile 9 when I downed three cups of water at the water station. At 11, my friend Daph jumped in front of me (I was oblivious to my surroundings) and gave me some much needed encouragement! She’s the best spectator EVER! She was at mile 2 and 6 too! High-fives for Daphne!

It features a running turtle AND glitter!

And then soon after that, I finished! And it was GREAT! I met up with my friends and we had a delicious lunch!

NW Track & Field! : medals are heavy!

Later that night, another friend took me out to dinner to celebrate and I stuffed my face with a frozen margarita and steak fajitas and I had the most glorious sleep of my LIFE!

Moral of the story: it was cool! I would totally do it again! But it definitely solidified the concept that I do NOT want to run a full marathon. The aches and pains I felt at 7 that stayed with me till the end, are just not something I want to endure for 19 more miles.

What’s next? Well, I signed up for a 5k at the end of April, a week after my last dress fitting because I definitely don’t want to gain back an ounce before the wedding! Later on, Daph and I are scheduled to do a Twilight 8k in July which will be fun because it’ll be at night! Then in the fall, I’m doing with Color Run 5k with Jess!

But for the immediate present, I will be concentrating on doing some weight lifting/toning for the next 10 weeks by following Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer.

But yeah, thank you so much for the encouragement along the way and on the day of! I appreciate my blog/twitter community more than words can say as you definitely know how to make a girl feel special! You all make me feel like a rockstar! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

8 thoughts on “13.1 Miles

  1. Clare

    Congratulations!! You must feel so proud of yourself. Now you can check that off your list! I’m not a runner, but I think my husband and I will be doing the Color Run in DC too!

  2. Jessica

    I’m so happy for you and soooo proud of you my BFF!!! ❤
    I like the GU chews myself – because instead of chewing them, I suck on them and it takes my mind off the running. 🙂
    I cannot WAIT for the color run!! I go to the doc on Tuesday and should be cleared to start running again, woohoo!!

  3. Maria

    You rock! Many congrats!

    The Color Run is coming to the Bay Area and I’m thinking of running that one – looks like so much fun! (Plus, they don’t time it, so most people are super relaxed and walk a lot – my cup of tea).


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