On Running

Contrary to popular belief, I do not like to run. For me, running never gets any easier, I just get better at it. **(if you are here for the wine, skip ahead to the bottom)

I am not a great runner. I’m not a terribly bad one but I will not be winning any age division titles like, EVER. The only time I ever ran less than a 10 minute mile was in high school and that was a total fluke. I ran a 7:30min/mile only because I was terrified of the consequences if I did not meet time limit imposed by the coach.

So then why do I run? The best way I can explain it is by comparing running to homework. Who the flip likes homework? Sometimes you feel it’s just busy work and is adding nothing to your learning experience. However, in order to do well on a big test, you need to study. Those assignments you struggle with day in and day out end up helping you learn the material so you can ace that final exam. Well then, that’s why I run. I get up off the couch and get out there so that when it comes time to get my 5k (or whatever) on, I feel ready to tackle it with confidence!

I run to race. It’s such a great opportunity to see all your hard work pay off and if you get someone to sign up with you, you: #1, get to take in some fresh air together, #2, (typically) help out a charity, and #3, have a good excuse to go out and celebrate afterwards! And heck, who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? Nowadays, they hand out some pretty sweet tech tees which I LOVE. And most importantly, races provide me with a deadline to work towards. I can’t run just because it’s good for me, that’s why I fail at taking classes or using exercise dvds. Fitness for fitness’s sake? Not my bag.

All I’m saying is, ANYONE can become a long distance runner. I went from week 1 day 1 of couch to 5k where I thought I was dying during the 1 minute jogging intervals to half marathoner in 7 months, running only three times a week. Seriously, it just takes practice.

**And if I just wasted Google Reader space with running nonsense you have absolutely NO INTEREST IN, please accept this amusing video on the history on merlot courtesy of Ags as my apology:



3 thoughts on “On Running

  1. Maria

    You just described exactly how I feel about running (though not races – they stress me out!). I hate running too, but it’s the hardest workout for me, so I know it’s probably good for me. Kind of how uncomfortable shoes are always the cutest? Maybe, sorta?

  2. Hannah

    This is exactly how I feel about running… and since I have tons of take home work plus home work and dissertation/lit review work. I just don’t have the energy for it. A half marathon is my first real goal post my degree though! Then I’ll come back and read all of your inspiration, because you’re rocking it!

    Also. Loved that vid. I’m a huge Malbec fan so I thought it was hilarious.

  3. Jessica

    Same!! Same on every level. I don’t look forward to running but I miss it. I miss feeling that accomplishment, that burn, that happiness when I’ve reached a new personal goal. 🙂


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