Once Upon A Time

Eight years ago on this day, nineteen year old Maria went on her first overnight college visit to see her high school friend Jane:

After partaking in an N.E.R.D. concert, Jane invited one of her new college friends, Alessandro, over to her dorm to hang out:

Maria had never met anyone as strange, wild, and crazy as Alessandro. She found him absolutely bewildering…but cute. Turns out, they didn’t grow up too far from each other and were from the same county. As he was leaving the dorm at 3am, Maria turned to Jane and said, “That’s my next boyfriend.” Jane laughed and said, “Yeah, a lot of girls think he’s cute.” Maria then said, “No, I’m serious.”

And so as she said, so it was. After shamelessly flirting with one another for a month over AIM (instant messanger, say what?), Maria and Alessandro made plans to hang out with one another once the semester was over since they lived close by. And then, on Memorial Day weekend of 2004, after a trip to the county fair, they made it “official” and declared each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

The End.

7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Maria

    Aww! This is super cute and I love how you are getting married on Memorial Day weekend, makes it even more meaningful!

    It’s so funny, because two weeks after I met B, I called my Mom and said I found my husband. She most likely rolled her eyes and after meeting him a couple weeks later, she whole heartedly agreed. Funny how you just “know”.


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