Awesome Weekend Pt. 1

How to have an incredibly fun and fabulous weekend:

Step 1: Run a sub 30 minute 5k

On Saturday morning, I ran my third 5k. This race was in the suburbs, around an industrial park featuring a lot of science orientated companies. On top of the cool stuff in the swag bag like two reusable bags, chapstick, and technical tee, there was also a dj, massage station and most importantly, a brunch tent at the event! A local restaurant called Eggspectations catered the event and they had scrambled eggs, bacon, yogurt, fruit, danishes, bananas and bagels.

I ran the 5k with a friend I’ve made run my other two races with me. We’ve come a long way from our first one back in September. Our goal for this run was to beat our 5k time from December, which was around 34 minutes. Well, we did it! We both finished under 29 minutes! I even beat my half marathon 5k split which was around 33 minutes! We both put in more effort into our respective trainings for the race and it definitely paid off!

At nine o’clock, we were off! My friend T tends to start out fast and I could feel myself being pushed a little harder than I’m use to moving. It was around the time we reached mile marker 1 when he asked me how we were doing pace wise. I then looked down at my phone and saw 9:09 staring back at me. We were running a 9 minute pace?! Say what? Most days, I plot along at 10:30min/mile pace!

For most of the race, we kept playing a game of cat and mouse, trying to out run one another but once I saw mile marker 2, I really took off! I sprinted past T and set my sights on a chick pushing a stroller as my target. Man, this chick with the stroller was no joke, she did not let up for a second! I was at her heels until the last quarter mile when there was a hill to crawl up. It was then that T was finally able to catch up and pass me. I felt defeated for a sec until I thought, “good for him!” and decided to finish strong myself! Imagine my surprise and excitement as I was coming around the bend and see the official time clock read 29min! I was in some serious disbelief! ME?! Running under 30 minutes?? It felt uh-mazing! It felt even better to get my eat on afterwards at the breakfast tent!

T and I both agree that it was definitely a fun race that we’d consider doing again next year! Aside from two hills, the course is flat and the perks are pretty sweet. We’re definitely up for running another food sponsored race because truth be told, we run to eat. We’re just trying to avoid having to buy new pants.

In any case, stay tuned later this week for part 2 of my awesome weekend!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Weekend Pt. 1

  1. Maria

    Awesome job! Consistency and hard work definitely pay off!

    In my last 5K, I remember looking at a lady with a stroller and thinking that there’s no way I was going to let a stroller pass me – it was the motivation I needed to get under 30 minutes, too! Thank you stroller ladies!


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