Awesome Weekend Pt2

Last week I told you how I had a great time at my 5k on Saturday.

While that was a fantastic way to start my weekend, I had an even BETTER time at my bridal shower the next day! My beautiful and wonderful bff L hosted the shower at her parents’ house. I had requested a fiesta themed shower and L delivered!

She strung up pictures of Ale and I through the years (it’ll be 8 years when we tie the knot in three weeks!) which was super sweet!

She also had my  favorite beer (Dos Equis!), grapefruit margaritas, lots o’ delicious Mexican food, and a piñata too! It was so bad ass! No, seriously, the piñata was so damn tough, we broke a metal broom handle trying to crack it open:

That would be L and me, on her parent’s lawn, in dresses, trying to break a donkey hung on a mop. Classy. Oh and hey, you like my sombrero? Instead of a traditional ribbon bouquet, L would throw ribbons on my hat. Yep, we really are that awesome(ly hilarious) in real life.

Speaking of ribbons, I received some uh-mazing gifts:

Turtle cutting board from Pottery Barn!

My beloved Kitchenaid Mixer, I love you.

L had some super duper helpers for the party in our friends Daph and JC.  These girls and I go way back, all the way back to middle school! Thanks ladies!

In all seriousness though, talk about feeling loved! I felt so special! All these peeps came out to celebrate my happiness! I had a blast and I’m pretty sure everyone in attendance did too! How many times can you say you’ve been to a bridal shower that featured a piñata with mini bottles of vodka and rum? Oh yeah, that happened. What? This was an adult function, right?

And in case you missed it the first time, we are THREE WEEKS AWAY! NINETEEN days away! WEEEEEE!!! 😀


4 thoughts on “Awesome Weekend Pt2

  1. Maria

    Love it! The pinata and the fact that you broke a broom in the process. You are absolutely glowing in these pics, so I can’t imagine what it will be like on the big day!


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