Two Weeks

In less than two weeks time, I will be married to this crazy kid I have liked (and loved) for the past 8 years.

But more importantly, I will no longer be dealing with NONSENSE, haha! The past two weeks have been cray-zee. Wedding madness is creeping out of every corner and I’m trying my best to cope with it by running a lot and eating consuming copious amounts of Trader Joe’s frozen yogurt (and washing it down with a glass or three of white wine). And luckily, that’s all I’ve done. Well, that’s not true, I did have breakfast pizza at brunch on Sunday and washed it down with a passion fruit mimosa…

That’d be 3 eggs, prosciutto, and lots of gooey mozzarella on a thin crust pizza. SO GOOD

Now with about a week and a half to go, I will tackle my centerpieces, ceremony programs, and favors. I’ve got a plan, and I’ve got helpers and it’s all going to go down swimmingly! :::wipes brow and gulps down wine water::


5 thoughts on “Two Weeks

  1. Clare

    Good luck and you can do it!! I remember how crazy those last few weeks were. I was a stressed out crazy woman by the time our wedding rolled around. And that’s why there’s a honeymoon!!! I’m so excited for you and all of this hard work will be worth it for that one day 🙂


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