Pre-Wedding Festivities: Weekend Edition

This past Saturday marked the start of the 1 week countdown to an event 700 some days in the making. That’s a whole lotta waiting folks. GLAD IT’S FINALLY OVER!!

I kicked things off on Friday by meeting up with my bff L for dinner and drinks after my first encounter with air brush tanning, courtesy of a really awesome 2-for-1 deal I found online.

Airbrush tanning is the shiz, you get instant summer vacation glow in one session:

Look ma, no streaks!

On Saturday and Sunday, A and I hung out with his family who flew in from Italy for the wedding.

Sunday’s activities included a nice walk along the C&O canal

and a delicious dinner La Forchetta. While everyone else chowed down typical Italian style, with a first course and entree, I skipped first course, ate only half my entree and saved all my room for dessert because this beautiful thing was calling my name:

Fried sweet dough cannoli

On Monday, my other bff Ags came in town from Tennessee to help me finish last minute wedding nonsense as well as help me relax by partaking in some terrible television and impromptu dance parties.

I think I’m doing all right as far as having a good pre-wedding week! Hoping this happy go-lucky, easy-going trend continues!

How was your weekend??

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