We did it! We promised to love each other forever in front of friends and family over Memorial Day weekend and it was AWESOME!!!

And then we went on an AMAZING honeymoon to Turks and Caicos! We only packed swimsuits, shorts, and sunscreen and sipped on rumtails all day and it was the best thing EVER (aside from our fabulous wedding).

Deciding to take a day between the wedding and honeymoon was such a phenomenal idea! It gave us a chance to decompress from the emotional day, say goodbye to family that flew in, and get a good night’s sleep before a day of travel.

I cannot wait to share more about both events with you but until then, take a look at my photog’s blog post about our wedding and enjoy one of my favorite pics from our vacay:

Dear TCI, I miss you already



6 thoughts on “Married

  1. Hannah

    I’ve stalked as many photos as I could and I am SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH. I ❤ you and you were the most beautiful bride ever.


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