Wedding Wednesday: Days Before

Oh hey there friends! Remember that one time I got married? That was almost two months ago! Time flies! So the last time I discussed the wedding, it was the Monday before. I had had a productive day with Ags, during errands and getting a workout in. That would be the last time I stepped foot in a gym for a LONG time, haha.

So I took the week off before the wedding and it was the best thing I ever did! It gave me just the right amount of time to get any DIYs done without feeling a time crunch. I had time to run errands and make phone calls without worrying about not having enough hours in the day after a long day at work. And having a personal assistant in my friend Ags was also fantastic as she kept me on a schedule and helped me feel calm. So lesson learned: take at LEAST three days off before the wedding, and if you have a friend who can afford to take time off WITH you, you will be GOLDEN.

In the days leading up to the big day, we made ceremony programs, centerpieces, escort cards, favors, but best of all, we got through my makeup and hair trial! Another tip: if you can swing it, get a hair and makeup trial the week of the wedding because you’ll be fresh in your MUA’s mind as far as your complexion and hair goes.

Before I knew it, it was Friday at 4pm and I was done wedding planning. I had nothing left to do but rehearse!

During the rehearsal, we had some woodland creatures come out and play which made me feel like a Disney princess when they surround her in a forest:

Can you spot the deer?

Or maybe it’s because I was wearing bridal mouse ears:

Oh yes I did.

In any case, after practicing a few times in the muggy, swamp-like conditions, everyone retreated for the cool indoors and got drunk enjoyed the rest of the evening.

This was only the beginning of the night

Mind you, I did NOT consume but one beer and spent the rest of the night hydrating!

And so went the days before my wedding! And hopefully this will be the beginning of a successful wedding recap!





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