Wedding Recap: Morning Of

I woke up on Saturday bright and early to get the party started!

Us girls got ready in the bridal suite. We packed snacks like hummus, veggies, fruit, and nuts, so of course the guys dropped in. Wait, isn’t that not allowed?

Don’t worry, they left WAY before I got ready 😉

After my sister, two bffs, and mom got prettified, it was finally my turn to get gorgeous and bridal-like!

My something old and something new: my late grandma’s pearl necklace and Kate Spade turtle earrings

My best $10 Ebay purchase to date: a great hair accessory

My something borrowed: my moh’s mother’s amethyst ring. Apparently your something borrowed should be from a married person. I did not know that! Did you?

My something blue: 4″  BCBG navy blue peep toe heels:

My modified sweetheart neckline dress:

Classic hairdo: french twist

And then before I knew it, I was in the world’s most comfortable wedding dress that I did not tug or pull at ALL DAY, and boom! I was a bride!

Afterwards, it was time for bridal party portraits which was pretty much my favorite part of the day. I’ll be sharing those fun pics next time!

Hope you are liking the recaps so far!

*All the beautiful images by Natalie Franke Photography*

7 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: Morning Of

  1. Jessica

    Your hair was perfect. Those earrings were adorable. Your dress? Stunning.
    Can’t wait to see the bridal party pics! I remember pulling up and you all were outside taking pictures and you just took my breath away ❤

  2. Maria

    Gorgeous! I love the turtle earrings!

    I wore blue shoes as well and got a few “what is up with her shoes looks”, but loved them none the less!

  3. kjpugs

    I love all your accessories! Especially the earrings and the borrowed ring. I didn’t know that either about the something borrowed being from a married person. Mine was luckily (I borrowed another blogger’s birdcage veil that she wore!) so hopefully that means I still have good luck? LOL. I demand more pictures pleaseeee!!! 🙂


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