Wedding Recap: Bridal Party Portraits

So after my girls and I got dolled up, we went outside to get bridal portraits done.

But before we can get to that, Ale and I had our first look! Instead of it being an intimate moment between the two of us, it was just a quick moment taken right next to the manor. There was really no place to have a quiet place to be alone and it was more than fine with us, we didn’t care one bit.

Of course there are serious pics as I hold my breathe and calmly walk towards him:

But then that composure is shattered as I’m completely beside myself when he finally turns around. Folks, you can’t feign this kind of excitement:

Afterwards, we took pics with our dream team:

I owe so much to these people! We picked the best possible group of friends and family to help us on such an important day! You all rock!

OH! And lest I forget, can we talk about our flowers for a second? Because they’re pretty awesome and deserve their own moment in the spotlight:

But anyway, after an hour of nervous giggles, fits of laughter, and a just few more portraits…

…it was time for the happy couple to part ways and get ready to walk down the aisle!

*all beautiful imagery provided by Natalie Franke Photography*



6 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: Bridal Party Portraits

  1. kjpugs

    Your flowers are SO COLORFUL! I have literally never seen anything like that before. Amazing!!! And your look of joy and excitement made me smile, you are so cute!!!!


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