Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

You see that stern face the groom is making? IT WAS SCARIER IN PERSON!

The ceremony was my least favorite part of the day. There, I said it. I know it’s the whole reason for the day but I don’t know, I was tired by that point! It had been a long day and we were finally here and I couldn’t wait till it was over, haha!

Ale did not smile once! And apparently I bounced a lot throughout the ceremony (oops). But everyone who was there said it was a nice service so I’m glad for that. I picked out unique and touching readings and my readers (my sis, my friend Jane, and Ale’s bro) did a great job delivering them.

My sis read song lyrics to Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor (I Am Nothing Without Your Love) by Juanes. It’s a Spanish pop song and I included an English translation in the ceremony program. My sis and I love Juanes and I wanted to include something in Spanish as a nod to my heritage.

Jane read a modified version of John Steinbeck’s letter to his son Thom about love. This was a nod to my English major background and Ale’s fondness for reading.

Finally, I had Ale’s brother read Angelo Poliziano’s Sonnet CV in Italian to commemorate Ale’s culture. I also included an English translation in the program.

Speaking of programs, that was one of the diy projects I left till the end but was able to finish on time with Ag’s help. I typed up and printed out the programs, cut and scored 50 pages of colorful cardstock, and then Ags had the genius idea of sewing the pages into the cardstock with embroidery thread I’ve had since my days of making friendship bracelets:

*personal photos*

Aren’t they just darling? Even Ale was impressed with them and really liked the fact there were various covers. I just bought two 12X12 stacks of cardstock in colors I thought coordinated with the wedding and used one for the programs and another for escort cards and table markers and such. Boom! Easy and eye-catching! And since it was sturdy cardstock, people used them to fan themselves since it was a bit muggy by the time the ceremony rolled around. Damn you May weather!

Hope you are still enjoying the recaps! We’ve got the reception and dance party left! WOO!

*all beautiful imagery provided up Natalie Franke unless noted otherwise*


4 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

  1. Maria

    What a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony!

    I must agree with you. The ceremony was my least favorite part as well. My face in all the photos looks like I was about to have a root canal and/or cry at the drop of a hat. One of our flower girls had a meltdown including kicking and screaming that could be heard in the background for at least 3 minutes in. But, with the sweat dripping down our backs and child crying aside, we were married and really, that’s all the matters! I try to focus on the little things in the ceremony that were touching – with every vow, Brandon would tightly squeeze my hands as he spoke. I’ll never forget that.

    So don’t feel bad about it not being your favorite part – you just made me feel a whole lot better by saying that!

    Oh and those programs are just darling! Martha would be proud!

  2. kjpugs

    I LOVE the programs!!!! So fun and colorful!!! And Ale really did have a stone face, haha. I guess he was just taking it really seriously. B was pretty much the same too. So serious!

    As great as some peoples’ ceremonies are to them, I just can’t imagine being ok with having that many people staring at you. I had to block that part out!


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