Wedding Recap: Dinnertime

After the ceremony, we took family portraits. If I thought it was tough to sit through the ceremony, family portraits was like herding cats. While the pictures are lovely, I will spare you of their boring nature. While I’m smiling in them, all I kept thinking was, OMG WHEN IS THIS OVER!? When you see beautiful wedding photos, you don’t realize the thoughts going through the smiling people’s heads. It is exhausting to say the least.

ANYWAY, I was sad to miss cocktail hour but I needed to breathe and be alone for the last few moments before heading into dinner. Luckily I did get to sample the delicious hors d’oeuvres and pound glasses of water like it was going out of style. I picked calyso/reggae/summertime vibes for cocktail hour and it made my heart swell with happiness when I could hear good ol Bob Marley echoing through the surrounding forest. My vision had come alive so that was awesome.

Dinner was uh-mazing! SO DELICIOUS. So pretty too:

And for table numbers & favors, I cut out turtles out of leftover program and staked them into little flower pots, surrounded by colorful tealights and made over 200 turtle shaped lemon cookies and wrapped up with a pretty coral ribbon:

The maid of honor and best man speeches were very touching and tugged at our heart strings:

Somewhere between bopping from table to table and shoveling food into my mouth in very unladylike fashion, I managed to sneak in a pic with my some of my fav blog/twitter peeps turned in person friends 🙂

Emily and Jess! Love them!

Man, now I know why wedding bloggers take so long to finish, it’s hard work to retell your wedding story! :::wipes brow::

Hope you have a fantastic start of the week!

*all beautiful images by Natalie Franke Photography*

3 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: Dinnertime

  1. Layla

    Ohh that food looks GOOD! (okay, blog hijack, but JESS. You do NOT look like you recently had a baby. You go, girl!!)


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