Wedding Recap: We Danced

When 8p rolled around, we finally got to my most favorite part of the day: DANCE PARTY CENTRAL!

Our first dance was to a Hawaiian rendition of “Grow Old With You.” You know, the song Robbie sings to Julia at the end of The Wedding Singer, aka, my favorite movie EVER! It’s a two minute song, short and sweet! For the parental songs, I danced to “My Girl” with my pops and Ale danced to a folksy waltz that him and his mom picked out.

Then we kicked off the real party with James Brown’s “Sex Machine”, because we’re bad mama jamas:

I can safely say, everyone was having a good ol’ time! It made my heart seriously swell with absolute joy. All the frustration and stress I felt at any point in the day finally melted away and I let loose (along with everyone else):

At some point, we paused long enough to shove delicious cupcakes into our faces:

We had chocolate peanut butter, lemon raspberry, vanilla, and strawberry flavored cupcakes.

Congratulating the groom on a job well done.

And then, just like that, it was over!

We played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” as the last song and called it quits!

After the crowds cleared, some of us kids changed into some comfy clothes and circled around a bonfire to drank leftover beer and wine and make s’mores. I toasted to myself and downed whole bottle of champagne like a BOSS! THE END.

*all beautiful images provided by Natalie Franke Photography*




2 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: We Danced

  1. kjpugs

    It looks like such an amazing time! I LOVE the dancing part of it- so fun, it looks like everyone was getting in on the action. And the bonfire? Um hi yes please sign me up. Amen to the bottle of champagne!

  2. Jessica T

    I see me! Oh, wait, I see me! LOOK- there’s MEEEEE!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Also, I think you need to show the public the video of you guys dancing. Just sayin πŸ˜‰
    Loved the wedding, especially the dancing and the cupcakes and your gorgeousness.


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