Weekend Recap

Seeing as my pal Tim and I are running our first 10k on Thanksgiving, we figured we better get some mileage in before the big day. On Saturday morning, we set off to run 6 miles on the great trail Lucy showed me last week. While it is picturesque and the landscape helps distract you from the task at hand, it’s still hard! It’s full of hills and when you’re trying to trek it at a 9-9:30min pace, you can only think about how much your glutes burn!

What up BWI Airport!

As customary after a great run, we celebrated with food! I had huevos rancheros and Tim had a stack of pancakes at Eggspectations.

Eggs and torillas smothered in cheese? YES PLEASE!

Later, we ran errands around town. Lucky for me, one of our stops was near a Hobby Lobby where I found some cute Christmas stuff:

Doesn’t the reindeer cap look like a monkey?

Saturday ended with a trip to Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace at the Maryland Live! Casino:

Unlike breakfast, dinner was only so-so. The milkshakes were delicious but small. The burgers were pretty good but not impressive and the fries and onion rings were meh.

The casino visit itself was pretty hilarious. I had never been a casino, much less gambled in one. After a couple of failed attempts of feeding the machine my dollar, I realized you have to put in at least $5 to play the slots. Once I broke a $20, I played $5 on a 5 cents machine, lost all of it, and walked away. The moral of that story is that casinos are not my scene.

The other moral of the story is that I like to eat. A lot. Thank goodness I run too, right? Otherwise I’d be rolling down the road for my Turkey Day 10k, fo’shizzle.
Hope you had a good weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Maria

    I’ve only gambled say three times in my life and $20 is my limit. I see how far it takes me. Once, I hit $65 on a slot machine in 20 minutes and called it a day. Success!

  2. dancy

    – I wish I enjoyed running like you do.
    – Those pancakes look bangin!
    – I really wish we had a Hobby Lobby. People are always finding awesome things there. The closest one is 2hrs away for me. 😦
    – I hate gambling & casinos are boring, but D loves em so when we do go, I put $20 in the penny slots & rock it out like a BOSS!


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