5k Fun

On Saturday, I ran my sixth and last race of the year while my friend Lucy ran her first 5k! We had a big bunch of peeps with us, including Lucy’s husband who was also ran his first race! It was great, but COLD! It was 34’F out and damp, which made my eyes water! I didn’t feel warm until after the first mile and the path wasn’t the best for a race. It was more of a bike trail around a lake, more appropriate for a weekend jaunt than a race with 800 runners but it was fun nonetheless!

reindeer outfit

Only cool people run in dollar store antlers and knee-high reindeer socks 😉 PSA: Do NOT buy knee-high socks from the dollar store unless you have the calves of a toddler. Holy compression batman! Good grief!

When it came to the running, the four guys in our group split up and ran at their own pace whereas us girls stuck together and gabbed the whole time. Our official time was around 36:37.


There’s Lucy in white and NB in red being all stoked and stuff 🙂

While some of the spouses did not run, they participated by serving as cheerleaders and photogs, all while hanging out with some super cute spectators!


All in all, it was a great way to kick off the holiday season! I love this time of year and I love that my friends are getting into running too!! Woo for positive influencing!

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