Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

This past week has been quite the enjoyable one! I got to spend lots of quality time with some of my favorite people!

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to see the husband awarded on his work on a major project at his job. I got to meet some of his coworkers I’ve never met but have certainly heard about and they got to see him dressed up in a suit & meet the woman brave enough to marry him. Many laughs were had by all.

On Thursday, I had a ladies’ day with my friend Lucy and her son B-Dub (short for Baby William). We made a date to see one of our favorite Food Network celebrities, Ina Garten! We went to a local book signing at a Williams Sonoma with the intention of meeting Ina but unfortunately WS sold out of books days before and so we only caught a glimpse of the Barefoot Contessa from behind the velvet rope, whomp whomp.


However, the whole day wasn’t a wash as we had a delicious lunch at a cute cafe nearby and later headed to the mall to window shop and partake in an afternoon pick-me-up at Starbucks during their holiday drinks bogo deal.

You’d think that would be enough excitement for one week but then on Saturday, my girl iAgs came into town to surprise her mom for her 60th birthday. After picking up Ags from the airport, we had lunch and ran errands before heading to the surprise birthday party Ag’s dad had planned for his lovely wife. One of our assignments for the party were to find candles and Ags picked out these great sparkler ones! They were a total hit at the party and everyone wanted to know where we found them (Party Depot, btw).


Now, I am looking forward to the ridiculously long car ride that awaits me at the end of this week when Ale and I make our to the sunshine state to spend the holidays with the fam!

I love all the buzz and excitement that comes with the holiday season, it’s the best!


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