My Weekend In Instagrams

First, it all started with a belated birthday margarita:


The next day, I managed to eek out 2 mile run/walk with an average of 12min/mile for my first run of the new year (I also managed to dress like a strawberry/watermelon):

run strawberry

Later on, I finally decided to break out my $2 ebay dotting tools and give myself a quick and cute mani:


And finally, on Sunday I headed out to Lucy’s house to work on some crafts and brought over my box o’stuff. It’s basically like Mary Poppins bag, anything you might want to use for crafting…I probably have three types. Take for instance glue, I got your hot glue, your glue sticks, rubber cement, AND mod podge.

photo 5

But of course, I can’t go over to Lucy’s empty handed so I made a triple berry crisp to enjoy after watching the Ravens win against the Patriots:

photo 4

Of course, I’ve got no pics from Monday because I spent the whole day recuperating from the weekend. I’m still not quite over whatever plague is bothering me which has put my efforts to beat last year’s mileage on hold. BOOOOOO! Never thought I’d be bummed out to not be running! WEIRD!

I hope you had a good weekend!

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