Weekend Recap

I kicked off February with a bang! This weekend was so full of fun. On Saturday I helped my friend Lucy set up for her son’s first birthday party. It was adorable! Lucy planned it with an underwater theme in mind and it was just the cutest:

I wish I had a closer picture of the jellyfish decorations. They were a group effort but they were so worthwhile! The tutorial to make them can be found here. The idea for the birthday banner hanging in the back came from this blog. Other decorations included the food like the octopus veggie dip:

This idea came from FamilyFun Magazine/Spoonful.com

And fish and sea turtle cookies that I made:

The green “icing” on the turtles is actually dyed and thinned out cookie dough that is applied before baking! That genius of an idea came from this blogpost.

But the real showpiece was the birthday cake! Lucy made a fun fish-shaped cake inspired by this tutorial by the domestic diva herself, Martha Stewart! The cake is this week’s Now Bake This recommendation:

You can make this beauty using your favorite cake recipe and icing. It was as delicious as it was precious! Lucy’s definitely got a gift for decorating, am I right? She’s totally making my kids cakes when the time comes!

The party was so fun and sweet and so glad Lucy included me in the festivities and party planning process! You know we had a ball finding all these great ideas on Pinterest! Such an inspiring time suck, haha!

Did you party it up this weekend too at a superbowl shindig? Did you bake something for it? If that’s the case, be sure to link up with Jess and me!

Peachy Plum
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